About Us

The mission of Radiomachen is to produce German voice overs which stand out. We want the best quality for everyone in recording, post-production and mastering. Our German voice overs include a highend recording in our studio by Falk Werner, the voice behind our project, and a professional production by experienced audio engineers.

Radiomachen is located in Magdeburg, Germany. As Magdeburg itself has not much to offer for media producers we challenged ourselves with breaking into the world market. Today we count customers from over 60 countries.

We believe in trust and satisfaction in both ways. We expect great scripts and a good preparation from our clients and give back awesome voice overs with high standard broadcast quality because "Your quality is our trademark!"

Voice history

Falk Werner is the voice behind Radiomachen and one of the most booked voice talents on the internet. His crisp, clear and clean voice is loved by studios worldwide. He has worked for many major companies including BMW, BlackBerry and Microsoft, has spoken audio guides for Russia, Malta and Spain, and is on the list of the commercial voices in Germany.

His first steps made Falk in childhood. At age 6, he got his first portable radio and he was yield to temptation. In the following years he founded his own pirate radio stations and started his first school radio at 12. After graduation, he went straight to the radio. Landeswelle Thüringen in Erfurt (Thuringia) was his first station. Later he spoke and produced at radio stations in Berlin, Spain, Magdeburg and Halle.

In addition to his 20 years of experience as a radio maker, Falk started in 2005 as a voice talent for audiobooks and formed his commercial voice. Numerous speaker trainings at the different radio stations gave him the tools to put his voice to the point our clients are seeking. Since 2017, Falk also regularly appears in front of the camera. His green screen studio and the many 4K productions are another step into the challenging media world.

Currently, Falk counts 1000+ voiceover productions per year and nearly 100% satisfied customers from more than 60 countries. Convince yourself and check out!

The Recording studio

Here at Radiomachen we offer a first class recording environment + high quality components like Neumann and Schoeps microphones, Manley preamps and RME audio interfaces. We want the best quality available in our recording studio!

Since 2005 Falk Werner runs his own recording studio for voice recordings in Magdeburg. Since the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt is not suitable due to the low density of media companies, in order to obtain a wide range of jobs, Falk set its focus on the international market very early. His recording studio is not sublet, but serves exclusively as a location for in-house productions.

In the nearly 15-year history of the recording studio, we have been able to expand our portfolio of high quality audio components and are now able to perform almost any type of voice production. Especially the synchronization of video films (also lip synchronization) is one of our strengths. The workflow of ADR handling (Automatic Dialogue Recording) is optimized for the voice talent.

The sound isolation of external noise is based on limestone blocks, which provide excellent acoustic protection from outside. Inside the studio are processed high quality woods and foam mats, which give the room acoustics their crisp sound.

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