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The German market is more than Bratwurst, Bier and BMW. The German language is spoken by around 130 million people worldwide in more than 40 countries. The so-called DACH area, the main target group in which German is spoken, includes Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).

In addition, there are regions in neighboring countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy; but the German-speaking market also includes the USA, Namibia and Romania. It is one of the largest in the world. I help you to place your service or product, your YouTube channel or other social media activities in the German market.

As a media service provider, I focus on the diversity of the market. My main tasks include:

  • YouTube channel adaptation from a foreign language into German
  • Social media account adaptation into German e.g. Facebook and Instagram
  • Subtitles for movies
  • Website translation into German from 20+ languages, including English, Spanish and Russian
  • Audio productions, especially synchronization into German
  • Podcast adaptations
  • eBook and audiobook publishing in the German market
  • Video productions, including complete new productions or adaptations of foreign language overlays into German.

Bring your YouTube channel to the German market

You are a successful influencer on YouTube or own a channel with 100+K viewers and want to find yourself in the German market? YouTube is by far the most successful social media platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I support you in creating your own channel for the German-speaking audience.

The basic requirement is your video on YouTube, which should be also available in text form or which I am able to transcribe. They are first adapted and translated by me to the German target audience. Thus, German subtitles from various languages can already be inserted.

I am also happy to make the audio production, i.e. the synchronization of the spoken content. I have access to a pool of over 300 German voice actors, who come from a wide variety of disciplines, including acting, audio books, advertising, explainer videos and more.

If your YouTube video already includes overlay texts such as lower thirds, logos, image subtitles, etc., I can also convert these in a process of redesigning your videos for the German market.

Social Media Account Adaptation into German

As influencers, it’s hard to imagine our world without Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter and TikTok. Successful accounts reach an audience of millions. But how about a channel specifically created for the Germans or a video message on your channel addressed directly to the German audience?

I’m excited to work with influencers from around the world. Together we conquer the hearts of teenagers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The contents, texts, images, also memes, videos and audios will be translated, creating new German content that you can publish on your existing multi-language channel or a separate German account.

Translation of foreign language media files

Whether it’s an explainer video, TV commercials, entire podcast episodes or product videos – I’m happy to handle the complete production and adaptation of foreign language content for the German market. TV shows like Shark Tank and Naked Survival are a good example:

Such shows are translated from English into German and voice actors dub these shows in a time flexible audio-video synchronization. The result is great shows that every TV viewer knows and that can be seen around the world.

You can conquer the German market with your production now too. I can help you translate and sync small videos on your website, YouTube videos, podcast shows, TV series and more into German. I also adapt your video overlays so that German viewers can understand them.

I look forward to your inquiry via email, phone or directly as a booking for a free consultation.