We sell Voice Overs including a license without time limits and for international usage. Read more...


In respect for the international market and the confusing license deals, we have decided to offer you the EASIEST LICENSING DEALS.


Don't worry about regional, national or international use! Our INTERNATIONAL BUYOUT license gives you the freedom to use the Voice Over in all countries and regions.


With our license you can use our Voice Overs without any time limit. Save your money! We will not charge at no time again.


Our license is designed to be used for 1 project and in the way as described. For example: Book 1 Explainer Voice Over and you can use it for 1 explainer video project.


What does our license deal include?

With the purchase of a voiceover we transfer the so-called rights of use. All copyrights and property rights remain with us. The use of the voiceover is queried during the ordering process! The license includes up to three characteristics that you can choose from.

Use of each order will be reduced to the selected voiceover type. Here are options available such as explainer video, commercials, voicemail, audio guides and other types of voiceover. For example, if you buy an explainer voiceover, you will only be able to use that audio file in the video project for the explainer video, but not all or part of it as a commercial or documentation project. A simple rule of thumb would be: "One license for one project!"

Geographical usage (only if you select "Commercials"): Here you have the following options to choose from - „Local“, „Regional“, „National“, „Worldwide“ and „Web only“. Please check in advance how the voiceover should be used in order to avoid later demands of a relicensing. Geographic use is the key to a successful commercial! For example, if this is to be broadcast in the Berlin region, the option "Regional" (region with> 1 million inhabitants) must be selected. Broadcasting spots for the Magdeburg region (population less then 500.000) can be billed as "local". The selection "Web only" includes a worldwide use, but it may only be used for commercial advertising purposes exclusively in web-based services such as browser and app such as radio streams, Youtube, own website, Spotify.

For "Commercials", but also "Explainer videos", "Promos" and other voiceover types, the commercial use must be clarified. Here you can choose between "Paid media" and "Unpaid media". "Unpaid media" includes e-learning programs, in-house intranet contributions as well as TV documentaries. "Paid media" are all voiceover with which direct or indirect revenue is generated. These include classic TV advertising, a paid YouTube spot, Facebook sponsored posts and event promotions.

Finally, the duration of usage should be chosen. 40 percent of all clients decide to use the voiceover for one year. And each about 30 percent for the 3-year and unlimited option. Especially for online videos an unlimited use is recommended, as videos can spread illegally. Since the responsibility of using the voiceover lies with the client and in order to avoid later relicense demands, we recommend to select the appropriate unlimited use.

If you order a voiceover on, you may use the audio file as described on the purchase page. This you confirm after selecting the license with another check mark.

Then you just have to upload the text, you can choose other extras such as video synchronization and submit the order.

Note: We may refuse any order even after completion of the order, if your script contains illegal, immoral or defamatory texts or if there are other reasons against production. If we inadvertently record illegal voiceover texts despite being checked, we are not liable for any claims of third parties. The use of voiceovers is the responsibility of the buyer. is not liable for any claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license, delivery or use of the delivery.

With the delivery of the voiceover you will receive a corresponding license by pdf.

The complete terms and conditions you can read here.

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