The Recording Studio

One of the top vocal recording environments in Germany

Our studio is the ideal recording studio for German Voiceovers and is well equipped with the best in modern recording technologies. This studio has become one of the top vocal recording environments for German ads, explainer videos, audio books and IVRs.

The well furnished and great sounding live room is sound-proofed and based on the 64 input 64 output configuration where we use the finest recording components from Neumann, Manley, Sennheiser, RME and AKG. Our isolated vocal booth is custom finished with wood to get the warmest vocals we can and Auralex acustic foam for a natural balance. Our audio post-production is handled by the most elegant software solutions from ProTools, Steinberg, iZotope and Waves, featuring Wavelab Pro, RX6 Advanced and Ozone8 to boast the highest level of sound quality and accuracy.

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We have nearly 20 years of experience in recording professional voice overs. We know what counts when it comes to acting, talents and a unique intonation. Regardless of whether you need an explainer video, audio book or TV spot.


Mastering is probably the step which is practiced by many but understand by the least. Adjusting volume levels, technical processes (EQ, compression, limiting, etc.) to polish the Voiceover should be given into professional hands. Our mastering process optimizes the sonic quality puts the glitter on the track.


We deliver approved broadcast quality mixes! Audio mixing is an underestimated problem in many audio productions. Understanding sounds and interpretating the waves is time consuming and sometimes a real challenge.


Your script is ready, now it is time to produce your Voiceover. We take your to the next level. Using the most qualified voice, the best studio equipment and passioned audio engineers. Regardless of whether you are a small or world-known company, your recordings must stand out.

Our Recording Equipment


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